Yoga with Danielle

Danielle in kapotanasana pose

Comunity Classes

All classes are mixed level and all abilities. Newcomers to yoga and the flexibility-challenged are especially encouraged to attend. Learn interdisciplinary yoga techniques to reduce stress, increase vitality and take personal control of your health and well-being. We will start by warming up the body getting you moving and connected to the power of the breath and then focus on Iyengar style yoga postures to learn how to do the poses correctly and prevent and heal injuries.

Corporate Yoga

On-site yoga classes or chair massage for your employees in the workplace Increase efficiency, creativity, and well-being in any professional setting. Yoga is a proven stress-reliever and helps people not only feel more energized but also more focused and alert. Helps keep your staff from developing repetitive movement injuries like carpal tunnel and tendinitis. Interesting series workshops and on-going classes will be designed to specifically address the needs of your group or company. Let me bring yoga to you!

On-site chair massage available to increase the relief! Stress reducing and therapeutic

Private Yoga Classes with Danielle

Introduction to Yoga

This class is designed as an introduction for the first-time or beginning student. Basic postures will be demonstrated and an overview of Yoga philosophy will be given.

Restorative Yoga

This class consists of several deeply relaxing and therapeutic postures designed to rejuvenate the body passively. You will be provided with yoga props to help you relax in each pose as you let breath and gravity work together to release tension and restore calmness and balance to the body.

Core Strengthening Yoga and Alignment

This class will focus on strengthening the body through both Vinyasa flow exercises and through alignment tips for each Yoga posture. An emphasis on core strength will be given along with breath awareness exercises.

Partner Yoga for Two

Have fun learning yoga postures for two and enjoy going deeper into each pose with the support of your partner. Great for building trust and improving communication, this class focuses on present moment centered awareness and yoga philosophy.